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Can't wait to meet you!


So sorry I missed the wedding but I am anxiously awaiting my trip up in December.  Kim, I can’t wait to meet you! 

You are both always welcome at my home in Florida if you are wanting to get away to a tropical area.  I’m 1 1/2 from the beach!  Or, I’ll invite you to my brother’s place which is right on the gulf coast!

Good luck on your new journey as a happy couple.

Love always,

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Hi Laura!  Thanks for writing, and for the kind words.

Getting away to a tropical area doesn’t sound too bad  : )  Is that 1.5 hours from the beach, or 1.5 miles?

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Hi Laura! I second Anthony’s thank yous; your whole family has been so welcoming!  I also look forward to meeting you in December. When are you all scheduled to arrive and depart from Pennsylvania?

A tropical adventure sounds like a great idea! Thank you for the invitation; you are all more than welcome if you’d ever like to visit Pittsburgh (it’s not quite the beach, but we like it!) : ) Take care!

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