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The Chapel of Love


Hi Everyone!
At 2:30 this morning (Sunday, October 2nd), Anthony  carried me over the threshold into our new home. : ) Thank you so much for sharing in our wedding celebration! We were so happy to share our joy with you. We’ll be posting some wedding and honeymoon photos and stories over the next couple of days.
Please continue to send us your photos, too. We can’t wait to see them!
Sorry that my website was down all week -- seems I forgot that the site ran off of my computer and turned it off when we went home on September 22.
Much love!

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Wedding Photos


Thanks to everyone who has sent us photos from the wedding.  We have a lot to sort through already, sent via e-mail and even via postal mail on CDs, and we can’t wait to get some of them posted here.  But since the lighting isn’t great in churches and definitely isn’t great at receptions, many photos turn out blurry or dark, so the more people who send us photos, the better the chances that we’ll get good shots to post here.  We’ll credit each photographer in the captions to keep them straight once they’re all posted.  In the meantime, if you haven’t sent yours to us, please do!

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Here are a few photos to hold you over until we get some full sets posted!

posted image

posted image
rehearsal dinner

posted image

posted image

posted image
honeymoon  : )

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Welcome Back!

Hi you two! Hope you had a fabulous time in NC!  The wedding was so beautiful and so romantic.  We had such a great time celebrating with you both.  The girls had such a fun time too - especially on the dance floor!  You’d think that all the dancing would have made them sleepy..... :)  Can’t wait to catch up with you!  Congratulations again.  And, can’t wait to see all the pictures!

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A Wonderful Day

Hi you two!! Again I just want to tell you how happy Michael and I are for you. Your wedding was lovely and we had a wonderful day celebrating with you. We can’t wait to see you soon and hear how the honeymoon was!

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One Down...

Woohoo, one photo set three photo sets are now online!  Only about 15 more to go!  : )

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Update: Song lyrics available


Anthony just updated the songs page  to include lyrics. You can also link to Amazon if you’d like to buy an album. : ) Isn’t he super?
I love my new husband!

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I posted pics on a yahoo site, it’s private and people need to be invited via email.  But I sent you an email, and was just making sure that you got it.  If not, let me know.  I enjoyed coming to the wedding so much.  Congrats again.

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Anthony and I have spent a lot of time over the past couple of days sorting through and editing ceremony and reception photos (removing redeye and such). It’s been a lot of fun! Thank you to those of you who have shared your photos with us; we’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of them. We’re hoping to post the whole set some time this weekend. Sorry for the delay -- you guys took a ton of photos! Hopefully we’ll be able to post them all in one shot!
Love you all! : )

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For those who are curious...


Why "for all your tomorrows?"

"Well, Iím dreaming of far off places," she says,
"but youíre holding me here with your words"
as he hastens to speak again
she draws her breath,
what will he say next?

How can I go to sleep without hearing your voice?
youíre the reason I get out of bed.
I was wondering if you had plans
for tonight or tomorrow?
for all your tomorrows?

"You make me feel like Iím all that matters," she breathes
youíve brought new life to my aching heart
and smile I canít wipe off my face,
itís because of you
because of you.

"well iím dreaming of far off places," she says,
"but youíre holding me here with your words"

I’m so thankful that God brought Anthony into my life and that he’ll be here for all my tomorrows.
Marrying your best friend is an amazing blessing! : )

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The wedding and reception photos are up! Hopefully we’ll be sorting through and posting honeymoon photos soon.
If you haven’t sent your pictures yet, we’d still love to see them. : ) Thank you!

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Can't wait to meet you!


So sorry I missed the wedding but I am anxiously awaiting my trip up in December.  Kim, I can’t wait to meet you! 

You are both always welcome at my home in Florida if you are wanting to get away to a tropical area.  I’m 1 1/2 from the beach!  Or, I’ll invite you to my brother’s place which is right on the gulf coast!

Good luck on your new journey as a happy couple.

Love always,

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Greetings from England


Thanks for the photos pleased your honeymoon was a great success our love to you both from all of us over here we hope to see you both over here in  the not to distant future

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Camelot~A New Beginning


Hi there Anthony & Kim,  You two are adorable together. I was happy to be able to share your beautiful Camelot wedding day ~ so special in every way!  You thoughtful planning and work shows your deep caring about everything you believe in. I admire your shining talents. We’re all very proud of you!  God Bless You, abundantly, through your lives’ special journey together. Have fun~ Everyday! Best Wishes always!  See you ... in December!  Much Love,  Aunt Sonya

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A Toast


Rolly’s reception toast is now online.

No jokes about my hair!  : )

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